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5 Tips for Reducing Your Energy Bills This Summer

In Cullman, Alabama, we understand that keeping our homes cool in the summer is a necessity. However, with high heat and humidity levels outside, keeping your home cool inside usually generates pretty hefty energy bills! If you’re looking for ways to reduce your energy bills this summer, follow these cost-cutting tips, and save money while staying comfortable.

Keep Up With Your Thermostat

Living comfortably is largely influenced by the temperature in which your thermostat is set. During the summer, we highly recommend bumping the temperature up 5-7 degrees from what you’re used to. This accommodation should be made gradually in order for your body to properly adjust. Once regularly living a little warmer in the summer, you could see savings of around 10% on your energy bills.

If you’re not interested in adjusting the temperature of your home while you’re there, adjust it while you’re away. Programmable thermostats make adjusting temperatures to your schedule so simple! Most of us are gone for an extended amount of time during the day. With technology that allows you to save energy during that time while still coming home to your ideal environment, you’ll have the best of both worlds: comfort and efficiency. And, with SMART technology, you can control the temperature inside your home right from your smart device for times when your schedule changes. Depending on your schedule, you could save up to 15% on your energy bills with one of these thermostats.

Clean or Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Air filters are used to catch pollutants like dust, pet dander, and other allergens circulating throughout your home to keep the air you breathe safe and clean. However, did you know a clean air filter also helps keep your HVAC system running properly? Properly working equipment is essential to creating an energy efficient home environment that saves you money on your monthly bills. When your system is working at optimum performance, it reduces the amount of work required and, in turn, less energy is generated which lowers your electricity bill. Plus, nobody needs to breathe in allergen-infested air. Change your air filters!

Get Preventative Maintenance

Being proactive with seasonal HVAC tune-ups can ensure you lessen your risk of costly repair needs, and it can ensure your system is running at maximum efficiency throughout the year. When you sign up for preventative maintenance with Stricklin Mechanical, you’ll receive two maintenance visits a year where we perform a total system inspection and clean or make any necessary adjustments to keep your system operating at peak performance.  

Get Energy Efficient Equipment

Getting energy efficient equipment is an investment, no doubt. However, doing so can save you tons of money in the long run, and by itself, could save you hundreds every year. If you’re considering investing in energy efficient equipment, Stricklin Mechanical can help. It’s important to us that we consider every client’s unique home situation, so we offer free estimates on system replacements. During our visit, we encourage you to ask questions so you can make an educated decision on the best system for your home, your family, and your budget.

Our American Standard Platinum AccuComfort® systems offer the highest efficiency levels while automatically adjusting to maintain your ideal comfort level no matter what the weather is like outside. Made with high quality materials, innovative features, and durable construction, our systems are built to last and will provide you with dependable comfort for years to come.

Do the Little Things, They Matter

If you’re not looking to make big changes just yet, you can save smaller amounts on your bill by doing the following:

  • Turn off lights, fans, TVs, etc. in rooms of the house that you’re not in.
  • Bulk wash laundry in cold water.
  • Keep blinds closed when it’s too hot or too cold outside.
  • Swap out light bulbs in your home to energy saving LED bulbs.
  • Check the seals on doors and windows for air leaks.
  • Make sure your appliances are running correctly.
  • Use less hot water.

To learn more about our energy efficient solutions, please view our Products page.

What’s Next?

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