Summer HVAC Tips

3 Best Summer HVAC Tips for Homeowners

It sure is getting hot out here! While we all love having fun in the sun, there’s nothing better than coming back home to your cool, air conditioned home. Your air conditioning system works hard during summer to keep your family comfortable indoors. There are a few things you can do to aid your system as it cools practically nonstop this season. These tips will help keep your system operating efficiently and help prevent the needs for any surprise repairs. 


One thing is for sure, you want to feel the cool air throughout your home! Over time, the airflow in your home can become restricted. This can lead to you not feeling as comfortable in your home, and unnecessary strain being placed on your comfort system. In order to keep air flowing freely throughout your home this summer, follow these suggestions:

Outdoor Unit

When you’re outside sprucing up your lawn, be sure to keep your exterior air conditioning unit in mind. Debris such as fallen branches, mulch, grass clippings, and more can build up around your condensing unit. Take time to clear away any built up debris whenever possible. Otherwise, this buildup can prevent your system from working properly. Make cleaning around your exterior unit a regular part of your yard work routine!

Air Filter

It’s crucial to regularly replace your system’s air filters. Your filters remove dust, dirt, and other airborne particles from your home’s air. Over time, your filters will become clogged up with this debris. This is especially true during the warmer months, as your system is running more frequently to keep your home cool. With clogged filters, your air conditioning system will struggle to push air through the system and into your home. You may experience reduced airflow or your home never quite reaching the desired temperature. While it depends on your home and family’s needs, it’s a good rule of thumb to replace your air filter about every three months. If you have family members with allergies, several pets in your household, or a big family, you’re likely going to need to replace your filter more frequently. 


Start off this summer season by taking a walkthrough of your home to check your air vents. Oftentimes, air vents on your floors can accidentally get closed. Check to see that each vent is opened. Additionally, be sure no furniture, curtains, decor, or other obstructions are blocking your vents. Any couches, drapes, rugs, floor lamps, or other items which are placed atop your vents can cause a reduction in airflow. Don’t force your air conditioner to work overtime over a simple fix! 


Before the real summer heat hits, it’s always a good idea to have your system serviced. An HVAC professional will be able to inspect, clean, and offer any repairs your system may need. Catching these fixes early on can save you big in the long run. Maintaining your air conditioning system also helps prevent any surprise breakdowns once the sweltering heat comes along! That’s why Stricklin Mechanical offers a convenient maintenance plan to take the stress out of scheduling. Not only does our maintenance program keep your system running efficiently, it can also helps to keep your system under warranty. Properly maintaining your system is incredibly valuable. 

Thermostat Upgrade

We might be biased, but we think a programmable thermostat is one of the best upgrades to make this summer! With a programmable thermostat you can truly take control of your home’s comfort levels at all times. We proudly offer a variety of American Standard thermostats which can be controlled via your smartphone. You can change the temperature or cooling schedule anytime, from anywhere! Scheduling your air conditioner can help you save on energy costs this summer. 

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