So You Bought A New Home, What Now?

So You Bought A New Home, What Now?

So you just bought a new home, now what? The process of purchasing and moving into a new home can be incredibly overwhelming, and it can be easy to forget crucial steps along the way. We’ve prepared a list of a few important things to do before you move in, so you’re left with no stress and lots of time to start making memories in your new home.

Update Your Address

Updating your address can be so easy to overlook! Updating your address is important, and you’ll be thankful you did it ahead of time. Have your mail forwarded, update your subscription addresses, loyalty programs, insurance info, etc. Don’t forget to update the address for your bank, driver’s licenses, and other important documents as well. Most companies make it easy for you to go in and edit your address online, but if you have to call, it only takes a few minutes and you’re set. 

Transfer Utilities

You don’t want to move into your new home and not have any utilities hooked up! Your utilities include water, gas, sanitation services and electricity. If you’re relocating close by, you may be able to transfer your utilities without much stress. However, if you’re moving far away, you’ll likely need to set up utilities with a new company. It’s best to notify your utilities company of your move-in date in advance to prevent any mix ups or delays, especially in the heat of summer or dead of winter. 

While you’re connecting your utilities, don’t forget about extras such as TV, Internet, landscaping, and pest control! These are popular services which are great to have all set up and ready to go when you move in. 

Schedule Home Improvements 

It’s likely you had a home inspection performed prior to purchasing your new home. We recommend getting a head start on any necessary repairs which were noted before you moved in. Some repairs might include fixing plumbing, HVAC, and roof damage. You can even get a head start on upgrades, such as new flooring and paint. It’s much easier to have these repairs and upgrades done before you move all your furniture in. For HVAC repairs, contact Stricklin Mechanical at (256) 841-6003. We’re family-owned and have been serving the Cullman area for years. 

Deep Clean

The best time to clean your home is when it’s totally empty! This way you can clean every nook and cranny. Take time wiping down baseboards, window sills, and other areas which are commonly overlooked. It’s a great chance to polish your wooden floors and have the carpets cleaned as well. You won’t want to worry about cleaning when you’re busy trying to unpack everything. You’re probably thinking any home you just bought should already be cleaned, but it’s never a bad idea to go over it for yourself so it’s up to your standards.

Get Familiar

Take a few minutes to walk around your home and get familiar with where important items are. Such items include your main water shutoff valve, electrical panel, and crawlspace. It’s crucial to know where your electrical panel and main water shutoff valve are located in case of an emergency. Occasionally check out your crawlspace to ensure there are no leaks or fungal growth. Consider having a vapor barrier installed if there is not one already. 

Contact Us 

We hope these tips help make your move a smooth process! For any of your HVAC needs, give  us a call at 256-841-6003 or visit our website at https://stricklinmechanical.com/. You can also email us at [email protected]. We are your trusted American Standard Dealer in Cullman, AL and are ready to help keep your home comfortable all summer long.

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